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Save Marple Wharf

Are you interested or already involved in the
Marple Wharf Project Investment Scheme (CIC) ?

STOP - Think again
Not all is what it seems....

Are you aware that a current Lib Dem Marple Councillor and a former Lib Dem Marple councillor are the Directors of the company linked to the full CRT Planning application for the Wharf. See HERE 


Marple Wharf

The Facts

Have you seen the great photos of the Marple Warehouse Regeneration Scheme? 
Before you rush to buy your shares in The Warehouse look again. Look at the planning application (DC/074338- HERE)

The Warehouse is crowded by cars and bins, and lots of them, and a toilet block and yet more bins for boaters - not much left for poor New Horizons - Why! Because 7 houses will be crammed onto the wharf site.
Permission to build has been refused once so surely it’ll be refused again - you would think -but the Canal & River Trust (CRT) are determined to ruin the wharf and a deal has been done. 

The question is “is it right to accept 7 houses and huge traffic and parking problems for a scheme that, frankly, is an abomination of The Warehouse and surrounding Marple heritage”. Is that a satisfactory trade off?

Only MARPLE PEOPLE can change this - if you love The Warehouse but loath the houses (and all that comes with them) then act now - Marple can do better than this.

The CRT planning application for houses was rejected by our Councillors last year. Why should they change their minds now? If the latest application is rightly rejected, it would actually significantly reduce the worth of the Wharf to CRT and allow it to be developed for the benefit of the people of Marple and visitors! 

CRT have granted the “community” company 9 months  to find the necessary funding to redevelop The Warehouse. If the current planning application has been approved in the meanwhile and they have still not secured all the funds, CRT will then say to the Council ………. 
well, we have tried our very best to allow for a community development  of the Warehouse and that has failed, so at this point the only alternative is to convert it into a residential property
and the Council will agree, as this was the plan/agreement by CRT/Council all the time. 
There will then be the worst possible outcome:  7 new houses and residential/house in The Warehouse, too –  the exact scheme refused last year - planning by stealth! 

So the planning application MUST be rejected


The Planning Application

The bit you've not been told about.
Did you know SMBC have over 40+ documents on the planning portal. That's a lot of planning docs just for one building, thats because its not just ONE building. 

The Description of the application on the SMBC website states...

" Redevelopment of Marple Yard comprising the change of use and conversion of the former canal warehouse for a mix of uses including cafe (Use Class A3) with shared space for heritage and visitor display/information, community meetings (Use Class D1) and ancillary gift shop on the ground floor, and wellbeing and fitness room for floor-based activities (Use Class D2) on the first floor, demolition of outbuildings and structures; erection of 7no. dwelling houses (Use Class C3) and a storage building incorporating a waterway service station, together with associated landscaping, parking and alterations to access road."

The following drawing shows what the Wharf will be like if it is given the go-ahead.

A planning application by CRT for 7 houses and  the conversion of The Warehouse into a house 
was rejected by our Councillors last year  on planning grounds as it adversely affected the heritage of the Wharf and because of the amount of traffic it would generate. The reasons the application was rejected last year (heritage and traffic and parking) are made even worse with this latest plan!

Statement of Community Involvement

The developer must provide a ‘Statement of Community Involvement’ to show that the community have been made fully aware of the plans and how any comments have been taken into consideration in the planning proposal.  
CRT cannot claim that the consultation by CIC supports the planning application as
it has been carried out without providing the full facts.

National Heritage Lottery Funding

The CIC says it will seek funding from the National Heritage Lottery Fund to convert the warehouse. In order to be successful it will have to achieve the aims required by NHLF. NHLF could easily claim that the heritage asset will be ruined by the plans for development of the entire Wharf area, with houses, cars, toilet block, rubbish skips, etc. very near the Warehouse.

So NHLF funding is by no means guaranteed!

Canal Emergency Response Times

The yards at Marple Wharf have always provided  a space for CRT to store materials and construction plant and equipment. Should any difficulties emerge along the canals 
resulting in leakages, a rapid response is essential, with the use of  specialist plant and materials. It is worth bearing in mind the consequences of what recently occurred at the dam in Whaley Bridge. Properties along Strines Road are particularly vulnerable 
since they lie immediately below the canal.  If Marple Wharf were no longer available for operational requirements  (due to construction of the houses), any response to an incident would take considerably longer.

Is it worth running the risk?


What is best for Marple

Do the people of Marple:

- think The Warehouse conversion is a good idea
- agree with 7 new houses right next to the warehouse
- consider this might have a negative effect on the success of the Warehouse plans
- consider the complete lack of any parking spaces could easily put people off using The Warehouse facilities (CIC says that people will have to park in Chadwick Street car park)
- believe that New Horizons should have its own yard and not just a drop-off point;
- feel that New Horizons should have its own mooring, not shared with boaters
- accept the risk of reducing response times to any emergencies.


The project should be about saving the  entire Wharf and not just the Warehouse. 

The entire Wharf is a key part of Marple and its heritage.

Do you think Marple Wharf development should:

- provide parking for use of the facilities at the Warehouse
- not destroy the heritage value of the overall Wharf
- provide open space for enjoyment of the Wharf
- not crowd the Warehouse with toilet blocks and rubbish skips
- allow New Horizons to retain the yard it currently uses


A) inform Dominic Harvey at SMBC Planning Department by email HERE Quoting Ref DC/074338

B) Advise your Local Councillor of your concerns and recommend that he/she opposes the Planning Application. You can email them directly from here:

Tell them you have been denied your right of response to a site of importance because you didn't know about the Planning Application.
Ask why you were not informed by CIC or CRT

Your MP William Wragg - Click Here

Councillor Tom Dowse - Click Here

Councillor Lisa Smart - Click Here

Councillor Aron Thornley - Click Here

Councillor Colin MacAlister - Click Here

Councillor Becky Senior - Click Here

Councillor Steve Gribbon - Click Here

Councillor Malcolm Allen - Click Here

C) Post comments on our Facebook Page (See Below)

Act now, before we lose Marple Wharf to Developers!

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Statement of Community Involvement

The developer must provide a ‘Statement of Community Involvement’ to show that the community have been made fully aware of the plans and how any comments have been taken into consideration in the planning proposal.   This has not been done! 
CRT cannot claim that the consultation by CIC supports the planning application as
it has been carried out without providing the full facts.